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CA670 Laser distance meter
Handheld Laser Distance 40 meter with area,volume,lcd display CP40 with stylus, pen clip design for designer
Laser Distance Measure HT60 pocket-fit style
PL-2L Laser Level

About Us

Precaster Enterprises Co., LTD. was founded in 1977 in Taiwan by N.T Fred Li and is a family owned business. In the early age, we started as a surveying solution provider and in this period, we accumulated experience and research energy in the survey and this energy became the foundation in our research.

In 1998, we established our research and develop department and our mission is to provide measuring devices in a smooth user-friendly and fantastic operation experience by installing our creativities and the know-hows. The first handheld Laser Distance Meter was released in 2008 and we are keeping moving until now, we are at the 5th generation which keeps us being a leading in performance and stable quality among the worldwide competitors.

Beyond R&D, Quality is another key element in our blood, all our products are passed inspection by 192 items in 7 categories for each unit before shipment!! Beside Handheld Laser Distance Meter, we are build up modular product and being flexible in customized. And there are more instruments on the way, like laser level and rotary lasers. We know this is not easy, but we do believe this is the way to keep ourselves as a leading and reliable laser distance meter manufacturer in the world.


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